The story of Namino products

Namino A modern, young name full of experience in creating delicious flavors

In the shade of God's grace and our hard work, Namino products have become a wide collection, which started in 1380 with the invention of the industrial production of olivier salad, and today the range of Namino products includes all kinds of ready-to-eat cold foods (types of olivier, macaroni and chicken salads), sandwiches in all kinds , different sizes and flavors (mac, club and baguette), ready-to-eat hot foods (sausage and potato, sausage and mushroom, curd and eggplant) and sauces (ketchup, spicy ketchup, low-fat mayonnaise, high-fat mayonnaise and includes French).

These delicious and high-quality products are produced according to global and national standards and the company's proprietary processes in 7 advanced industrial complexes in the country under the name of Namino Industrial Group and distributed using the company's dedicated transportation fleet. These industrial complexes are:

Namino factory number 1, considering the growing demand for ready-to-eat foods and with the aim of improving the health and safety of the society and achieving the technology of mechanized and non-manual salad production, started operating in May 2013 and industrialized salad production. Olivier was launched in 200 and 500 gram packages in a completely hygienic manner under the supervision of the Ministry of Health’s Ministry of Food and Drug Administration. In the following years, this factory was renovated and used to produce a variety of Namino sandwiches.

After years of activity and with the valuable trust of customers, Namino decided to develop its production line in a huge factory equipped with the most modern production machines, and with the opening of this production unit, a high volume of production was injected into the market. In this factory, all kinds of ready-to-eat cold food are produced (types of Olivier, macaroni salad and golden chicken salad).

Due to the great effect of mayonnaise on the quality, taste and durability of Olivier salad, and in order to maintain the quality of brand new products, he put the production of sauce for domestic consumption as well as direct supply to the consumer market on the agenda. The move in this direction was to establish a huge complex for the production of mayonnaise, low-fat mayonnaise, ketchup, spicy ketchup, French, etc. in various packages in Shahid Babaei industrial town of Arak city.

In order to ensure the quality and ease of providing the raw materials of the new food products, a complex was established in the J Industrial Town of Isfahan to produce all kinds of meat products.

After a few years of Namino’s useful life and due to the welcome and satisfaction of dear consumers, Namino Food Industry Group, by launching a production line of ready-made sandwiches, including club (chicken and ham) and chicken fillet, took a big step in this harvest field

Shamag factory, located in Kaveh industrial town, is another factory of Namino food industry group, which produces all kinds of baguette sandwiches (meat and chicken).

Sun Shad Factory (Giti Nagin Apadana) located in Kameshche industrial town, produces sausage with potatoes, sausage with mushrooms, eggplant curd.

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