In recent decades, along with the growing trend of industrialization, lifestyle changes and increasing the importance of proper use of time, the need for ready-to-eat food in the world has increased. Namino is one of the pioneers who anticipated these changes and took action to meet the needs. In this regard, in 2001, company started researching and planning about the design of the industrial production unit of one of the most delicious ready meals, named Olivier salad. Before that, because of unhealthy cooking, Produce of this Product in those years had caused problems and caused the government banned its production. After conducting research and providing the conditions, Namino built its first factory in Soroush Industrial Park in 2001. The plant is currently specializing in the production of variety of cold sandwiches. After that in 2004 factory was established in Arak with focus on preparing sauces, which in addition to having a license for operation and construction from the Ministry of Health, also has a national standard mark for the production of sauces. This two factories also have three ISO 22000: 2005 / HACCP / ISO 9001: 2008 certificates from TUV INTERCERT from Germany.

It didn't take long for Namino to gain the trust of the people and open place on the Iranian tables. With increasing demand and in order to meet the needs of the market in 2014, another factory was built in Kameshcheh Industrial Town of Isfahan. After that Namino start produces sausage & mushroom feed and sausage& potato feed in a separate unit in Jey Industrial Town. The new products required best quality of materials, so, the Namino Food Industries Group decided to build new factories to produce the necessary meat products for itself products and meet the needs of the market.

Namino is now a reputable name and a symbol of quality.  Its founders with sufficient knowledge of the market, extensive research and identifying critical points of industrial production named it as the first and largest production unit of ready-to-eat foods in the country.  Today’s their main motivation are job creation and are work hard to expand and progress the ready-to-eat food industry. Despite of large number competitors, they have gained most share of the country market and now they are looking for entrance to international markets to prove their abilities to the world.